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pastors note
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Pastor's Note
From the desk of Reverend John Sanders, Pastor

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Good morning. Have you ever considered the thought process that goes into walking? Or the motivation that must have existed when you took your first steps as an infant? Or even the immense mental energy that must be exerted when learning to walk again after losing that ability for a season? Most of us take walking for granted. It’s something we do, something we’ve always done, something we assume we’ll always do. But is it really?

We begin the process of walking when we gain enough confidence in ourselves or trust in others to catch the falling action. Our center of gravity is over our feet and when it shifts far enough forward we start to fall. At an early age we learn to put out one of our feet to catch us and stop the falling action. We then do it again and again and again, and the process of walking has occurred. When we lack the confidence or trust, we stop walking – on ice, on uneven ground, on incline, as we age, as we become infirm or injured.

To think of walking as controlled falling is really quite counter-intuitive, and yet, it is the beginning of understanding how things work. When gravity was first explored, we had to change our way of thinking about falling. The earth travels around the sun, the moon travels around the earth, but think of them as falling toward each other in enough of a curved path that they keep missing, well, that’s the beginning of understanding how the celestial bodies move. It is a celestial game of balance and falling.

We learn to have confidence in what God has created, to have confidence in the creator, and to trust that what the creator has created will continue to act as it was created to do. It is this confidence and trust that we place in God that keeps us in balance throughout life; and when that confidence wanes for whatever reason, we struggle to move forward. We might even cease in our Christian walk. That is why we encourage one another, why we read the Scriptures, why we worship together, and why we must continue to do so. Like a coal in a fire, if we remove the coal from the fire, it will cool down and cease to glow, eventually dying.

We must be willing to fall in order to take our next step. We must have confidence that our “feet” will catch us from falling and regain our balance. And we must trust in God to carry us through the rough places when we lack the confidence ourselves. Don’t forget to take the next step for Christ.

In Christ,
Pastor John
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